One of our youth learning about a "firm foundation" from Hebrews 6:1-3 using crafts.

Children's Chapel

Every Sunday at our 10:00 service there is a dedicated staff to teach your youngsters about God! Our Children's Chapel (out of diapers to, generally, age 12) meets during the first part of the worship service, and then return to the main church to finish the morning worship service with their families and receive the sacrament or a blessing before heading out into the world.

Ms. Carol Ellis leads this ministry and draws on decades of experience working with youth, teaching God's truths in age appropriate ways. Your children will learn, and have fun doing so! Join us!


For the youngest among us - those still in diapers - we have a nursery available to care for, play with, and love your children. All have been duly trained in childcare and in CPR, or are in an apprentice role under the careful supervision of a qualified adult. Play often includes some learning about Bible persons or events, again in age appropriate methods.