Our Message

Who We Are

We live in a culture and community where people have a harsh view of the church.

Many people have been hurt by the church or just find it irrelevant to their lives.

The Solid Rock Church is seeking to be a church where those people can find a home.

Where are you in your journey to find real meaning in life?

We do have an understanding about the real meaning of life.

We tend to be less depressed

We tend to be better financial managers

We tend to be better parents

We tend to have happier marriages

We tend to be happier

We tend not to worry so much

So - take a risk - visit us - 3601 Cypress Gardens Road, Winter Haven, FL 33884

You can sit in the back and see what we do.

We are intentionally and unapologetically a place where you can find a home, whether you come in blue jeans, a suit, or in your favorite teams jersey, whether you are rich or poor, greatest or least.

You will experience authentic worship, relevant messages, and encounter God who leads, restores, heals, answers prayer, and transforms our lives.

Your children will be well cared for. You can expect to be loved and you should expect smiles.

This could be the most important thing you have ever done!