Sunday Adult Ed. 

Topic for Jan. 28, 2024

Continuing Feb. 04, 2024! 

Mr. Christopher Desrochers
teaching on

"American Buddhism" 

What is it?
How to identify it & protect yourself from it.
How to "connect" with an American Buddhist.
Important points on how to share the Gospel
with an American Buddhist.

Join us for this very relevant session, equipping us to more fully carry out the Great Commission! 

We begin at 8:45 Sunday mornings. Come a few minutes early to get your coffee, tea, or water. 

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Do you really believe
that what you believe
is really real?

The Truth Project
An In-Depth Christian Worldview Experience

 A 13 week course on what is a Christian (i.e. Biblical) worldview.
This highly acclaimed course will open your eyes more as to how God, as He has revealed His truth in the Bible, desires major areas of life to be ordered and overseen. 

Del Tackett, former assistant to President George H.W. Bush, leads us through these worldview "tours" with great enthusiasm, insight and knowledge about areas of life like family, marriage, government, entertainment, law and others.   

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Experiencing God

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Biblical Citizenship In Modern America

Discover, or be reminded of, how the Founding Fathers of America set things up to run in a very Biblical way and how they perceived that to be the best system of government ever devised AND what YOUR part is in maintaining it. Quite enlightening if you haven't been exposed to this very informative material in a while!