Coming in the New Year of 2023! 

The S.T.A.R. Course! 

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Biblical Citizenship In Modern America

Attend in person or via online!

 An 8 week course that will not only enlighten you,
but also
entertain you
as you learn so much more about how the Christian faith informed an incredible amout of our
Founding Fathers in their crafting of the US Constitution!

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Do you really believe
that what you believe
is really real?

The Truth Project
An In-Depth Christian Worldview Experience

 A 13 week course on what is a Christian (i.e. Biblical) worldview.
This highly acclaimed course will open your eyes more as to how God, as He has revealed His truth in the Bible, desires major areas of life to be ordered and overseen. 

Del Tackett, former assistant to President Georgh H.W. Bush, leads us through these worldview "tours" with great enthusiasm, insight and knowledge about areas of life like family, marriage, government, entertainment, law and others.   

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Experiencing God

Coming in 2023!
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